Which of the 6 taste sensations are your favorite?

I know people enjoy more than one, but what would you consider your favorite?

1.) Salty

Which of the 6 taste sensations are your favorite?

Improves taste to food, lubricates.
Common sources: natural salts, sea vegetables

2.) Sweet

Builds tissues, calms nerves.
Common sources: fruit, grains, natural sugars, milk

3.) Sour

Cleanses tissues, increases absorption of minerals.
Common sources: Sour fruits, yogurt, fermented foods

4.) Umami

Absorbs water, tightens tissues, dries fats.
Common sources: Legumes, raw fruits and vegetables, herbs

5.) Bitter

Detoxifies and lightens tissues.
Common sources: dark leafy greens, herbs and spices

6.) Pungent

Stimulates digestion and metabolism.
Common sources: Chili peppers, garlic, herbs and spices

  • Salty
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  • Sweet
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  • Sour
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  • Umami
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  • Bitter
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  • Pungent
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I like salty, sweet, sour and pungent. I'm not sure about umami, but I definitely don't like bitter.

    • I have a hard time eating certain leafy greens (considered bitter) by themselves. I'd put vinaigrette or something on them :D

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    • Thanks for the MHO :D

    • No prob :)

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What Guys Said 5

  • salty then

    • Salt can make or break a dish in my opinion.

  • Salty, sweet and sour. I like all 3 of these!

    • There are some really good flavors!

  • not even sure if i ever tasted umami XD

    • Have you had mushrooms in dishes (shitiaki, portobello, white, black truffle) ? I know that's not the only umami flavor, but that's the first one I think of lol.

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    • for me, sweet is only for dessert :D

    • Yeah that is very true... I do enjoy those fruits :D

  • I prefer sweet and salty. Like cheetos.

  • Salty , spicy, sweet


What Girls Said 2

  • I like sweet.

    • I do love me some sweet fruits! :D

  • Not salty and not sweet

    • So the others? :)

    • It depends what goes with it. I eat a lot of vegetables and I spice them in the wok. Depending on the vegetable, I may add flavours and spices that combine well with their taste. E. g. sour goes well with slightly fried beans (the whole one, not just the bean itself) with onion (pungent). Umami goes well with wokked soya. Wokked carrots and fennel can be spiced with anise, saffran or cinnamon and given a slight tinge of bitterness with clove.

    • Yes, I agree. Especially when it comes to the bitter -leafy greens etc. I need to mix it with something else. :) Wokked carrots and fennel are delicious, by the way!