Definitely quit then?

This guy's name got removed from teh company website, when the rest of the team is still there.
He was a new hire.

Isn't it embarassing to quit/get fired three months in?


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  • Sounds like he got laid off to me.

    • Wouldn't they remove all the material related to him if he got laid off? I mean, he was barely three months or so in, and there's still some stuff on him when he first got hired.

      Plus it's listed on his linkedin

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  • He probably got fired. I doubt he quit.

    • why do you say that?

      I feel like... the kind of person he is, he gives up easily.

    • People don't start new jobs with the intention of quitting - especially if it was a job where they had to leave their old job to get it - if a new person leaves its usually cause they got fired. It happened to a girl at my church - she left an AMAZING job to work at a place that paid just a little bit more money but was a lot more boring and got fired from the new place in a couple of weeks so was jobless.

    • He didn't leave his old job, he was an entrepreneur prior to that.

      I agree with what you're saying, either he got laid off or fired, but the question is, why would the company keep the promotional material with hiring him.

      There was all this coverage of him coming into the firm as though he was some kind of celebrity, with interviews and what not.

      Wouldn't they delete all that too?

      If he got fired/laid off, likely he had overpromised and under-delivered. I agree that if so much thought were put into him taking the job/hiring him, something must've happened for it to change.

  • yeah he quit.