Is it bad that I'm drinking because I'm depressed?

I'm not sure if my girlfriend or ex-girlfriend feels about me I mean if I went I remember her saying she felt like if she wanted to talk to people she felt like I was going to prevent her from talking to whoever she wanted.. but then she said she wanted to be my girlfriend and then she did not want me to come on the trip with her.. so I'm home while she is in FL.. I mean I can understand how she feels when I was in the Dominican Republic and she was trying to keep in contact with me and not knowing what I was doing.. but I was telling the god honist truth I never messed with any of the women in the DR.

I'm drinking Whisky I normally drink wine or beer

And we are meeting up tomorrow for lunch after I sent her a one page letter by email of my thoughts... she sent me a text (was not expecting) pretty quick saying yes I miss you and I want to do coffee or lunch with you.


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  • Yes, it is bad to drink when you are depressed because alcohol makes depression worse. Look up what the medical literature has to say about it.


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  • Your relationship was on the rocks from the get go.
    I remember advising you on a question before you went on your trip.
    It was clear to see your girlfriend (at the time) brought her insecurity issues into your existing relationship.
    I usually advise people to fix themselves first before entering into a relationship otherwise it will be disaster.
    Your ex seems to be creating problems with her own insecurities.
    She's upset with you because you went on a trip and probably messed around with girls.
    So she decides to go on a trip to make you feel the same way.
    Honestly, this explosion couldn't have been prevented because she entered into this relationship not secure of herself.
    Even if you didn't go on the trip she would have found something else to be jealous or upset about.

    None of this is okay.
    You need someone to talk to.
    Alcohol feels temporarily good but will only cause destruction if you abuse it.

    • Also, when I say "probably messed around with girls" I am only speaking from her view.
      I know you didn't do this.
      You seem like a loyal man.

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    • That sucks.
      Sorry to say this doesn't seem like it's going to work out.
      I don't think she will have the courage to tell her parents about u

    • I'm not sure why not.. I was going to tell her for her.. she seemed to be scared but I mean sometimes you have to fight for what you want

  • Drinking is a depressant so yes.

    Also, a relationship without trust is not only harder to build upon but leads to much more fights. So,, evaluate if it's worth it. Or contact someone who can give you professional tips on how to build trust.

  • its not good...

    • yeah I know.. but trying to do stuff to forget is not helping

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  • it sounds to me like you two need to work on trusting each other and giving the other reasons to trust each other

    • it was her that really had trust issues, when I went to the Dominican Republic oh man did she call me like every 30 min it felt like. This might be her way at getting back at me.

    • well the fact that she's trying to 'get back at you' is not a good sign. and it's up to you to be jealous or untrusting during this time that she's away. work on focusing on the positive and not allowing the negative to run through your mind

      and yes drinking because you are depressed is typically not a good thing... but lord knows lots of people (including myself) have done it

  • This girl was never committed to you from the get go. You are getting depressed over a girl you never had!

    Drinking is OK but don't get addicted!

    • We had a video chat on Skype last night she ended up masturbating and calling my name out it was a little unexpected because she was already in bed, then she wanted to sleep with me with the video running.

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    • To her it may be! :-P

    • She thought so at first when I told her I don't mind I rather take an hour to get to her then to spend 15 min to get to someone who is going to cuss me out the moment I step in the house.

      then it no longer became a issue :)

  • bad bro.. u'll destroy yer health

  • u try to kill ur feelings