The Matrix is real. How many are aware that you're living in the Matrix?

What do you know about Maritime Admiralty Law and Common Law? Here is a secret most of you do not know. If you have to aquire a license or permit; you're not exactly free, now are you? This video can teach you a lot. You will find out how criminals are using you as cattle! You are live stock to them! The question is, do you know your rights well enough to represent yourself?


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  • The most notable thing in this video was the corporation as a person bit, but thats nothing new.

    The video seems to be saying that the rules and regulations in our lives are illusions imposed upon us, and we should basically choose to live outside of those limitations of civil or "legal" society, correct?

    The problem with that is the entire premise of legal/civil society and government. The idea that you're free without these restrictions isn't convincing, when you consider what many political philosophers have been telling us for centuries: in a state of nature, you lack the protections provided by civil society and you lack the ends that government can reach, ends which are largely unattainable without a centralized power and some kind of amassed wealth, focused distribution of that wealth, distribution of resources, etc. Government is filled with corruption, no doubt. However, encouraging people to choose their own limits is not the best advice, unless you have some kind of serious backing for a revolution. Even with that, you could end up fucking yourself over. And without it, you're just breaking laws and probably paying the consequences later.

    I guess I'm just not really getting the big point here. Political philosophers and political scientists have discussed the role of government and the end of a natural state where the sacrifice of natural freedoms for more security, legal rights, and protections in a social contract with a sovereign body begins... How is this news?

    I also find it kind of contradictory to argue natural rights in an entirely unnatural system, especially one centered on money and property.

    • Yeah. I guess you didn't understand what was said there! Do you know what tyranny is? You talk about you that government is corrupted, but do you know how violent and coercive our government is? Its called deprivation of rights! You as a living natural human being created by a God, have inalienable rights! You are born with them! When a police officer approaches you, when you talk to judges and prosecutors. You need to know what to say! They are playing with your life! You have the right not to consent! If you want to know how to represent yourself, just ask and I will teach you!

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    • Once you start talking about direct democracy or evading the whole concept of a contract with government completely, based on your "natural rights," then you're talking about something completely different.

      And which inalienable rights are you talking about? What deprivation of rights? You seem to have no logical process of argument. I'm having a hard time understanding exactly what your point is.

      What exactly are you suggesting? Be precise and specific.

    • Excuse me? My family had to hide, and run to avoid be murdered by a government that wanted to kill them just for the fact of who they were, and where they came from! There has been genocides through out history and still exist today. Our government is not just corrupt, they're criminal! You are livestock to them. Well, I don't even know if you're an American. If you are not, then you have no reason to be talking here!

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  • Once when I did shrooms I started to see the world in the form of a grid, it was trippy everything looked HD. Kind of reminded me of the movie

    • Okay, but did you understand anything from that video?

  • haha i wish.


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  • i know bro... i know...

    • Do you know how to represent yourself?

    • yeah... just like a gift :D

    • How do you go about it? I challenge jurisdiction!

  • Well aware that we are living in the Matrix.
    infowars. com

    • Infowars in no ways offers the key information to what to do to protect yourself through representation! Its all about how well you present yourself/ Do you know how to represent yourself?