What this mean?

ok guys someone took a pic of me that I dnt like so I took the persons stuff my bff told me to stop fore she call this other boy so she called him she said come get ur gurl she bout to kill the boy who took a pic of me he said no ok a few hours later i gave my fake naphew a note sayin
bff i got to tell you a secret
i like...
so the boy who bff told to come and get me snacthed the note outta his hands and read it then later he yelled out i liked another boy not him cuz i told him that when we were still friend before this happened
me: hi
him: hey
me: you know good will that I didn't write "I'm watching you" on that blue piece of paper Shania wrote it that and all the notes I wrote are in my pocketbook do you believe me? if you do then yayyyy and if you don't then OH just saying
him: yea i do
me: k
him: ok
me: we have not talked in 5 days why?
him: i talk to u 2day
me: u was not spouse to look at this thats why i gave you that note
him: o will it ok
me: k
him: so what i doing
me: what u mean by that
him: so what u doin
me: do not talk to me again okay
him: yea ok i will never ever best day ever
me: screw u
him: k
him: i love me
him: still
me: do u kno why i want u to stop talkin to me
me: i dnt get u
sissy: she like you dis her sister btw​
him: ok
me: my sister aka joy just told you I like you (it's not like i do or anything) but the only thing you have to say is "ok"​ amy waz right about you...
him: ok i dont care frfr
me: niya and diamond said that I waz cut so science im cut let me get these last words in right now I'm sorry for saying screw you and for being mean and I know sometimes I can be a real you know what and I'm sorry for actually thinking you cared can we be friends again if you say no then I understand but if not then at least I will know finally what you think bye now
him: ok


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  • hope he won't share it at least..


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  • what the hell?

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