In this Saw 3D movie public execution game scene, who would you have rooted for to survive, the woman suspended above the saw or both of the men?

Usually I hope for most people of the Saw movies to survive and don't get too much enjoyment from the death scenes but this may have been one of the most few most satisfying deaths (for me) in the Saw franchise (despite Saw 3D being an overall horrible movie) only because the cheating whore character showed her true colors rooting for one of the men and ended up dead rather than either of the men she cheated on.

  • Dina (the woman) and one of the men
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  • Both of the men
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  • both of the men.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Both of the men. They're hot and the girl is a douche.

    • Not to mention that not only the girl cheated on these two men, she manipulated these two into committing crimes for her, hence why Jigsaw captured all three of them in his little trap.

    • Yeah, exactly... she's a douche.

    • I remember being so relieved when they decided to let her die instead of killing each other. She was a manipulative bitch up until her death.

What Guys Said 2

  • Assuming that's Time Square (or the fictional version of it), I would LOVE to know how Jigsaw managed to set up the trap and drag 3 unconscious people into it in the middle of the very public sidewalk, ALL without being seen.

    • No idea, lol. Virtually, that sounds impossible but then again, Jigsaw is probably one of the smartest movie villains along with Hannibal Lecter.

    • He did it at night time, with curtains?

  • I agree i would let her die, but still i hate films like that, as much as hate a person... and people in general i would not wish that on anyone...

    Seeing that and choosing and everything, is hard decisions... I hate seeing other humans suffer physical gruesome pain like that,