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A father dies and leaves a plot of land to his 3 sons.
This plot is easily divided in 3 equal parts. However the law requires that a hefty "inheritance tax" be paid in advance.
Who pays it doesn't matter, it must be paid.

One of the brothers refuses to pay claiming he is "uninterested".
Under the same law however once the inheritance tax has been paid of - ALL brothers have the right to a share of it, wether they paid or not.

Would you...

  • pay the tax and risk having a freeloader earn his share on your expense
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  • refuse to pay and punish the freeloader even if you won't get anything
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  • I'd pay, even if I didn't have the money I'd find it. It's just something the father left, and it's nice to keep that. Even if I had nothing to do with the land myself, I'd at least rent it somehow.

    • Yeah but isn't it unfair?

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    • There's a time limit though. If no one claims it by then the state moves in and does.

    • If i knew I could easily make a good profit on what I spent by selling the land I'd just do it I guess. Then I would never ever trust him again, and I'd keep him at a distance but he'd still be my brother... Just at a distance.

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  • unfair!! >:(

    • True but if you don't, everyone loses.

  • I would buy both my brothers out and get them to sign all rights to me and their have no interest in it or what I do with it.
    And of course I pay all the tax.
    I'd be the only one who has the money anyway as I have pots off money and they're all on the rock and roll anyway.