Why do americans say math, instead of mathematics or maths?

They say things incorrectly...

They think middle eastern , is india...

They call oriental far east Asians, Asians... so it's confusing for indians, what are they?

Also they call maths = math

  • I am a American and say "math"
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  • I am British and say "maths"
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  • I am from somewhere else in the world, but we say "maths"
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Who in the world says math to refer to using quantity and number (s)...
Your using adding to work with numbers, so it's plural (maths)
Just another thing aswell i've seen some americans on here call indians, middle easterns...

This is a dictionary, According to americans ,

Middle easterns = Indians

Pakastanians = Pakistani people

Math= Mathematics

Asians = Far east mongoloids/oriental

African Americans = Anyone who is black

High school = College

College = University

I think the high school one makes sense, americans are slow and behind, so they are adults and still attending high school,


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  • It's conventional use here. It's just easier to say math than maths.

    To be truly American you must learn to properly abuse the English language.


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  • I say math and I'm not American. Doesn't seem wrong to me.

  • because it is a synonym

  • First off, math is preferred in the United States and Canada so we're not the only country who refers to the term as singular. Second, both are grammatically correct because the American/Canadian use utilizes "math" because mathematics is a mass noun, like "advice", "blood", etc., and the "s" has little relevance to its shortened construction.

    Also, the English language makes no sense and its speakers frequently take liberties whenever possible that are still deemed correct. For example, the use of "aluminum" in the United States and Canada is still correct just as the use of "aluminium" is in the U. K., Australia, and other English speaking countries.

    The point is that English is a weird language.

    • Aluminium is the correct latin name... It's latin, so that is the correct term

    • Actually, the latin term it's based on is "alumen" meaning "bitter salt" and the earliest use of the term in English was "alumium" which currently is not in use today. The use of the -ium and the -um suffixes in naming elements did not reach the level of uniformity it does today.

      Also, Latin, while it does serve the basis for biological scientific nomenclature, does not necessarily have the same strict adherence to naming in chemistry. It's for this reason that we have elements like Osmium (from the Greek "osme" meaning smell) and others.

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  • Americans are lazy and like to shorten things

  • Well, since you seem a bit arrogant about your verbiage, let me clarify. Both Math and Maths are abbreviations. Both are ok, but informal. They are abbreviations. Mathematics is both singular and plural and is the proper term.

  • no option for British who say "math"?

  • It's quicker to say and nobody cares about math here