Internship problem, please help?

I have my internship in the no.1 known and best investment bank in our country. At first, I really feel delighted when I knew that I was one of the four candidates for internship. . the manager assigned me to housing loans and mentioned that only 10% of the knowledge in school can really be applied in work. I feel exhausted and tired of the everyday task I do, I think it is a lot of clerical works which is unrelated to my finance course. My co-internship worker said that we should stop complaining and maybe they would absorb us if we do good performance especially that all the employees of the company are from our school. I know it is very lucky to be INVOLVED in this famous investment bank but why is that I am not happy? or satisfied.


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  • Work =/= life
    Work =/= happiness
    Work =/= achievement

    I could go on. Work is important. But you fell for the "get a degree, get an A+ internship, never see your own bed again" trap.

    Work is for one reason only: to give you the resources you need to do the things you want to do.

    What is a business but the means by which the owner/stakeholders make themselves rich? Set aside mission statements, altruism, elitism, whatever non-monetary rationale you can concoct for the establishment of a business. The reason businesses exist is to generate money for the stakeholders.

    Your quality of life is inconsequential to that mission. So you need to adopt the exact same mindset--that the business is only there to give you the resources to do and have the things you want.

    And that includes time. If you are making all the money in the world but don't have any downtime to enjoy the fruits of your labor, you are really little more than a slave.

    You aren't doing the type of work you want. Undoubtedly your work/life balance probably sucks right now (80-100 hr weeks, I presume?). You're probably exhausted.

    Take sometime (schedule it) and write down what it is you really want out of life. Then make a plan to achieve it. Read my MHO in this link to help get you started:

    Visualize EXACTLY what you want your life to look like, in excruciating detail. That will help with that exercise I gave you.

    Anyway, that should be plenty to chew on for now. Best of luck.


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  • Well it could be that banking is not really what you want and it's totally ok, it happens to a lot of people. My best advice is that you always have to try to make the best of any situation. You got a great internships so take advantage, learn as much as you can, and be thankful.

  • huh... basically r u a person who gets satisfied easily?


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  • Do you get paid for it?

    They are giving you that work load because they can't be bothered doing it themselves.

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