Have you ever thought about that?

if you saw a human eating another human flesh even after peeling off his skin.. burning his flesh with oil?
bad? think of two things which are different... think of us human eatin other animals pork other protein diets

the other thing just found out to better keep it for my self


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  • I am pretty sure leopards don't have second thoughts about eating gazelles. Biological systems require nutrition. Some lifeforms (technically ALL lifeforms) rely on the consumption of other entities of their level, think of viruses. They don't really care about what DNA they override.

    Humans require protein. Cannibalism isn't common. Being vegan is not natural for an omnivore.

    • yeap.. i can see you r struggling to equalise us (human) with other creatures well done

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  • Hmm... well that is a very bad thing to do, it's like eating yourself because you're a human.
    I would recommend her/him to go see a specialist.


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  • Well I hate pork skins so I would probably just ask why.

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