Girls: What would you think if someone called you "sir"? Guys: What would you think if someone called you "ma'am"?

My district manager came in to my store today to watch us during our peak. He stresses me out and makes me super flustered so I accidentally asked a female customer "will that be all for you today, sir?" I was absolutely mortified! She was obviously a woman, I didn't mistake her for a man; I just fudged up. I tried to play it off by turning to my male coworker and being like "she's not a sir, you're a sir!" But I think I just made it worse.

Thoughts? How would you feel as that customer?


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  • This actually happened frequently when I grew my hair out for this one girl I was dating lol. We would be out on a date and the waiter or waitress almost always asked how are you ladies doing tonight? Lol.

    As for your mistake, don't worry that kind of thing happens to everyone, unless they are assholes the people you do them to understand and are very forgiving :)

    • Thanks! I found out later from my coworker that she tipped us, so she couldn't have been too mad. :)

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  • Employee: "Good evening ma'am."

    Me: "Damn, I must be pretty as shit today."

    • Haha! "ma'am" isn't so bad because I could pretend to say "man" but there was no way to come back from "sir" to a woman.
      I'm glad it wouldn't offend you :)

  • I got called senor/senorita when I was in a grocery store in new york, I just figured it was because I didn't react quickly enough when they said senor.


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  • I would definitely be insulted but if you were obviously stressed I won't start a fuss about it.