Why I lost interest in everything?

Though i have no negative thinking about life. I lost interest in everything. I am not interested in things that i am doing earlier. Not interested in activites i used to do. Even in movies or serials i watch same serials again and again and not even want to watch new serials. and even in state of mind where i do not know what to do. I am not doing anything just do not know what i am doing. Feeling sleepy or tired most of the time.


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  • You might have mild depression. Go to the doctor's before it becomes severe.

    Here are some tips

    - go out with friends more

    -do the things you used to do even if you lost interest. Even if you feel exhausted, to it till you like it.

    -exercise in the morning for at least 30 mins
    -get massages to release tension


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  • Lack of sleep, lack of exercise, poor nutrition?

    • ya i am not doing exercise and i am taking sleep of 10 hours.

    • I would try to stick to 8 and at least exercise a couple of times a week. When I stopped exercising I wasn't sleeping as much and I lost all motivation to do everything outside of work.