Present job vs Job opportunity: should I take this sales job or wait (stay put)? How to know if I am ready for this?

Present: consumer customer care in a foreign language.
- big global company
- Regular customers, so things heat up sometimes
- never ending queue.
- The team leader kind of hates me, so there is no way for going anywhere higher.
- group is great and I actually love them.
- paycheck: not enough.

Opportunity: business sales in a foreign language
- big global company. (something bigger than the one I'm at right now)
- sales, which I have never done before for foreign customers
- business customers, so things will most likely not get that explosive ( but cannot judge on that )
- group unknown.
- paycheck: 35% bigger than present job

What I am a bit afraid of is that I have never done sales. I wouldn't want to leave after a few months. Plus we all know that having jobs for a few months is not great for your CV and future jobs.
There might be a new project opening in the company I am currently at, but recruiting starts in beginning of July and I have to take a decision about this sales job until then.
For those that have experience with "corporate" life, should how do you know a job is good for you or not?


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  • The question is do you like sales? Are you driven or complacent.

    • Let me explain hwhat the sale actually involves at this new company. This company purchased a smaller one and subsequently their business customers portfolio. So we will have to contact these customers and let them know about the change. We will also need to persuade to sign new contract with us. So we have to "move" them from the small company to a comtract with us.
      So it is not a sale from scratch where you have to call and persuade someone to purchase smth they do not need.
      These customers are already using these products just that we will need to make them continue with us.
      If i like sales. The idea of sales scares me, but i feel this might be a bit different given the facts i gave you earlier. Not really sure what to do.

    • I say you're young enough to take a chance. That's how you learn and expand your horizons.

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  • You should take it this job offer.

  • you should take it.


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  • Take the better job