Guys and Gals! If you had the choice between a Mustang and Camaro what would you choose and why?

If you had the choice between a Mustang and Camaro what would you choose and why? Let's make both fair and say they're 2013 models.

Do you like the engine, transmisson, colour, performance, sound, hertiage, company even... which would you choose between the two and why?

Guys and Gals! If you had the choice between a Mustang and Camaro what would you choose and why?

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  • I own a Mustang GT, it's the second one I've owned. I just like the looks of them and how they feel. The Camaro is a good car but, I'm a Mustang girl.

    • nice! What model and year

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    • If you do put a blower in it MAKE SURE the block and everythign else can handle it and get a coolant for the supercharger. Very important. do you have any mods on your like exhaust or anything like that?

    • by the way it's not the cobra in my pic, i got this one a week ago but it has issues :( i can give your advice though on things, you can messgae me when ever you want, i can show my car and give you tuning tips

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  • I'd pick the Mustang GT. I have a 2000 Mustang GT right now, and I like it.

    The 2013 Mustang GT is near the 2013 Camaro SS in terms of power, and does have a weight advantage to consider. I believe it's a quicker car, if only by a bit. Not only that, but I have always found Mustangs to be much easier to see out of than Camaros, especially these models.

    I'm not like a lot of people who are loyal to a certain type of car, though. I like all the muscle cars. If we are talking modern cars only, I would be very tempted by a new Challenger R/T Scat Pack with a Shaker hood. Or a 98-02 Trans Am WS6 or Firehawk. They're older now, but I still like that design a lot. And I don't dislike Camaros either.

    However, I've always been a Mustang guy by a nose. I've always liked the fastback lines of the Mustang just a little bit more. My dream car would have to be one of the classic GT500 Mustangs, either 1967, 1968, or 1969. Next would come either the 03-04 SVT Cobra or the 13-14 GT500. I'm also interested to see how the current GT350 will turn out.

    PS - I love the Terminator in your profile pic! Nice.

    • I have a cobra but it's not good now :( oil is really leaking on it and the MAF sesnor needs replacing. Like i'm scared cause I don't know what is going on, there is also a leak under the shitfer too. I'm not sure if it's the oil pan gasket, or the oil filter (something migth be loose). I'm bringing it to a garadge this Saturday. It makes 640 RWHP

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    • No, I've never tried investing. I've been a little leery of the stock market since the recession.

      I graduated college a while ago with a business degree, but I couldn't find a job that interested me. So I took some time to try and find a better fit (research, library courses, etc). Still working on that. I'm not worried though.

    • alright, i'm in business now and i made some gains on the market via mutual funds and re-investments

  • If you're talking about RIGHT NOW, 2015 Mustang GT - No questions asked. It's sick as fuck.

    However, I'm someone that's not really into either brand or either car too much. I tend to pick whatever I think is the best. If I had to choose which is my favorite of the 2013's I'd say the Camaro SS since it holds that Chevy small-block, which everyone can agree is an amazing engine. I've rode shotgun in one before and it was awesome, except I could barely see anything of the outside world.

    When it comes to history, I don't like the style of the old Camaros too much but then again the Mustang had this abomination:

    Personally, I care more about sports cars than muscle cars, and the Corvette is the only sports car from either brand (The Boss doesn't exactly count :P). The one thing I hate a lot about Mustangs is that EVERYONE has one, but not in the good way. Mustangs are the official "I want something that looks fast but no nothing about cars" car. Teenage girls and Young Republicans flock to get the amazing Ford Mustang V6 with an automatic transmission and convertible! Now they can even have an Ecoboost one which sounds like an aggressive vacuum cleaner! Oh well, not everyone can handle 8 cylinders.

    One thing I love about both though is the rivalry. Ford comes out with a new baller Mustang, than Chevy one-ups them with a better performing Camaro, then Ford one-ups Chevy with an even better Mustang, and the cycle continues. It's ana awesome thing to see.

    • I ahve 2004 cobra that has 640 RWHP (Have dyno sheet to prove) but it's not running too good :( needs a MAF sensor and dripping oil... AND i just got it too :( it was not raced, only 3 times on the drag strip for testing cause it was built by a racing company. by the way it's not the the one in my pic.

      Persoanlly i like the new camaro's rather than the new mustang, I don't know why it looks better in my opinion, BUT i love the interior of 2015 stangs.

  • Camaro for sure. I am biased because I have never owned a Mustang, but I also just think the Camaro looks way more badass.

    • You own a '10-'13 SS?

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    • ncie good for you man, good luck with everything!

  • I think the Camaro looks better and I would trust Chevy motors over Ford. Not to mention I hate Ford's use of small c. i. motors.

    • The LS motors. My favourite ford motor would be the one in the terminators. Cause the 03-04 cobra's are my favorite :) But my dream car is a Z06 though.

    • My personal opinion is that Ford handicaps themselves with the smaller cubes.

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