Girls, Can I get your advice one more time about my clothes looking bad or not?

I already asked this earlier today, but didn't get much advice. I wore some clothes that are kind of tight, and my friend won't tell me what shd thinks of it. So I assume it looks really bad, but I personally think it looks good. So could I get the advice from some other girls who might have better fashion advice than myself? I am also curious if wearing the hat looks gay or not?

Girls, Can I get your advice one more time about my clothes looking bad or not?

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Dang, i got an "extremely terrible" vote. I wish the person would have explained what they find so terrible about it. The clothes don't look that bad... unless they meant my face...


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  • I actually like where your style is going. I personally like those hats. But, I think the pants are a bit too tight. Maybe go up a size or two.. And the shirt looks a tad too short. Other than that, I like it. :D

    • Hey, thank you =] unfortunately when I shop for girls jeans, i tend to buy the ones that are the tightest, but i could try going up. and I agree with you on the shirt, I just happened to grab those, lol. I am glad you like this style, i normally just hear that its weird and bad looking for me to wear tight girls jeans. Skinny jeans made for guys are just too baggy in the crotch and don't look right to me, personally. Thank you for the positive comment 😊

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    • Yeah, it sucks. Men are supposed to be "masculine"... And girls who dress like guys are automatically lezbos. Lol But I'm straight. xD Aaand, don't care what they think! >:0 Do what you want. xD I label you: awesooomes. :3

    • Lol, right? I am straight also, but that shouldn't mean I should feel required or expected to dress the way most straight guys do. I enjoy the feeling of stepping outside the norm. I have seen girls laugh, but oh well, i am not dressing for them.

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  • Red does not suit you. Wear blue or green or a mixture of light masculine colours like black / blue / green / grey / white.

    • Hmmm. Thank you =] I hadn't thought about the colors being masculine, interesting.