What to do? Should I start texting to him? Or leave it there?

So I have a friend who is from school. We have been friends only 9 months. I like him and he is kinda into me. We don't talk that much comparing to that he talks to everyone a lot, but whenever he is with me, he doesn't talk that much. A few weeks ago, we had sex. Since that we haven't talked. I snapchatted to him asking where he was going. He replied and I didn't. Since that we haven't reached each other out. So what does that mean? Should I start talking or texting to him? Or should I just leave it there like nothing happened?


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  • Do not leave it there, figure out what the situation is, after all a question never asked is never answered. Do not be pushy with things but just talk to him maybe he feels awkward about what happened and is uncertain how you feel about the situation or maybe he was given the terrible advice to wait and see or have you come to him. The fact of the matter is communication is the most important thing, so just go and talk to him, start with why he has been so distant, don't accuse, be sympathetic and make it known that your not judging him. Its also important to try and not sound condensending since for guys their is a lot of pressure to be perfect, secure, and confident in all things so try to keep the conversation from going somewhere that would bring these things into question unless he initiates it. Questioning a mans confidence and ability is like saying "Yes that dress does make you look fat", it won't end well. Just be sincere and open when you talk to him and you should be fine. And maybe let him know you miss talking to or being with him that may help as well.


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  • It sounds without much even hymning and hawing on his own part here, dear, he was More into the Sex than any open lines of communication with you and never even had much to say even after the... Sex.
    I believe that if you both got cozy in between the sheets, his actions in this may have spoken louder than his words. I also believe he may have been in it for the pleasure and with this... I don't call him much of a friend but maybe One with benefits or even a Fair weather one at that.
    Stay in touch if you want to but perhaps next time around, play your cards differently and instead of Lights out, paint the town red instead to get to know one another better.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks hun! I feel I made a mistake

    • Oh, so welcome and you probably did... I have learned sometimes to be cautious with the quiet ones.:)) xx

  • text him...

    • I can't figure out what I would say

  • Let him come to you

    • It's been almost 3 weeks. Do u think he will? Cuz I'm losing my faith that he will do it first

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    • DefDefinitely. Thanks hun!

    • You are welcome :) it just a growing curve, don't let it get you down