Recently I had an experience?

With an anonymous user who asked myself and everyone on gager for an opinion but anyone who disagreed with her beliefs was dismissed as she would put it, and blocked from commenting further on their own opinion caption just after she had the last word and insulting the disagreeing gagers. Does anyone think this behaviour is acceptable?

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Sorry I had to put it up again


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  • Let me guess, it was @esplorare?

    She did the EXACT same thing to me.
    she's an absolute coward who can't handle any opinion that is different from hers. Then she blocks to make sure she gets the last word >_<

    • Yeah she goes bat shit crazy when a person disagrees. She gets worse when she realises u won't back down just because u insult her. She is really abusing the site

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    • she sent this to me
      "I don't appreciate strangers being dramatic and making demands from me. I’ve had you blocked in the past for being dramatic and I unblocked you thinking that you would have grown up, especially being a widower and all. But I guess I was wrong. Like I implied in my post, I am seeking a DRAMA FREE LIFE which includes my online environment so anyone who disrupts that doesn’t get to be invited and included into any of my GAG activity"

      and then blocked me so i couldn't respond

    • Yeah thats messed up she's really abusing the block button. Anyone who doesn't agree is told they are being a drama queen lol.

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  • It's inacceptable.. we shall create a wall of shame for those who abuse the block feature.

  • I consider it quite inappropriate and silly.


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