How do you move foward with unanswered questions and a broken heart of your mother passing?

It's been three years since my mom passed. Before she died me and her always had a battle out relationship. It was one of those cases in are family where was verbal, mental, and physical abuse and neglect. I don't hate my mom I never did, but it was a hard hump to get over then out of the 4 girls I was the one that had the worst and had to work the hardest and had the most criticism out of all whenever I did something "wrong". It was never a day when I heard Im proud of you and you are fine just the way you are. It transferred with the relationship with my older and younger sister. My oldest sister was in charge of everything and recently found out that my mom left her over a 100,000 life insurance policy. In that time frame the house we grew up in that's been in are family for over 50 years is gone. She sold it. My older sister and I feud over this I was living in the house and she tried to blame me for not paying her on time for rent and the time I was there with no job she was paying for things. The truth is I was only out of a job for 2 months she wasn't paying the bills in full. When I got a job I paid her rent never missed a month paying her. The bills was still in my mother's name and she was on pip for her energy bills which her 73 dollars a month for the gas and electric a piece. My sister at the time was living in government housing no job her husband no job which means no rent. In that time she bought brand new cars for her husband and herself. Basically in all I'm trying to get through these world wind of emotions with unresolved issue with my mom. Now with my sisters. I still felt left out not important and the sister that always does something wrong and everything is my fault. How do you move on how do you channel this huge birth in my heart. Especially around birthdays and holidays it's the hardest. There is absolutely nothing I can do. How do I move forward?


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  • Simply put you need therapy to help you move forward. Somethings are just far to big or far too deeply buried for us to work through them by ourselves. Also, while people here might know where you are coming from and be able to offer some advice. The majority of us are not trained to give you the help that you really need.

    I know the thought of seeing a therapist isn't all that pleasant, but the sooner that you accept the fact that you do need help, the sooner you will be on a road to recovery. My life has become a lot better since I started to see a therapist and I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

  • dont look back just look forward. one foot infront of the next because you can not ge consolation from the dead.


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