Okay, what do you think is appropriate for this type of situation?

This has been on my mind lately. It's kind of like girls: giving birth and Boys: getting kicked in the balls senrio.
Okay, so what would you do if you start having more children and you want to avoid another one (while you are married). Would you have the guy get snipped or the female get her tubes tied?
Just remember girls getting their tubes tied is more dangerous because of the procedure and a possible chance of infection.

I personally would be afraid if I ended up getting my tubes tied because the man is free to have more children with someone else. Its my personal fear of a guy cheating. :/

  • Girls: You have to get snipped. I have the children, you have to sacrifice something too.
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  • Girls: I don't mind getting tubes tied.
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  • Boys: I want to stay a man. Screw that.
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  • Boys: I guess its fair, I'll get snipped. Why not?
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  • I would get a vasectomy, simply because it's easier and less dangerous. Personally, I don't understand the problem with one partner cheating and getting more children. Obviously, both people don't want any kids anymore, so why then would one of them (the one who is still fertile) suddenly make another baby? And at least financially it wouldn't be an issue anyway. If my girlfriend suddenly had another baby with another guy, I wouldn't have to pay anything because I'm not the dad and if I had another kid, my girlfriend wouldn't have to pay anything because she's the mom. Cheating as such can always happen, whether kids are involved or not. I am very easy-going and about this topic. I've told my girlfriend she can sleep with other guys whenever she wants to as long as she only has safe sex and she uses contraception. I know her well enough to trust her completely. She's not the type who would do anything risky or stupid like that.


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  • Personally I wouldn't want to get snipped because having many many children is my goal in life. (Kids are awesome) However since the visectimy is a same day procedure with a significatly faster recovery time and is easier, safer, and I imagine cheaper I would go with that if it was absolutely necessary. As for the cheating remark, I think the problem of cheating is the problem not the fertility.

  • I've already told my wife before we were married that when we was done with children I would get neutered. It's easier, it's even done in a regular office now.

  • I would do what my girl thought was the best choice. If she wants me to get my nut sack cut open, then that is what I would do.

  • Your fears of cheating are reciprocated. And I'm sure as hell not getting a vasectomy to please a woman's insecurities and desire to control my sexuality. Fuck that. I'd divorce her first.

    If she's insistent upon sterilization for birth control, she can get her tubes tied. Outrageous to ask me to give up my fertility, what a cunt.

    • She's giving up her fertility too. That's kind of insensitive.

    • Relaxe, relax.. breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. You got her totally wrong.

      Her question is would you get a vasectomy for your wife if you together made the decision to not have any children?

  • got snipped. the best thang i did


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  • This question scares me o-o.

  • i would not mind.

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