What is the best way to deal with solicitors who won't take no for an answer?

My office is very happy with our current office supplier.. aka, Staples.

Recently, we keep getting these guys waltzing in our office trying to get us to join W. B. Mason. No matter how many times I say we are not interested and "No, please don't bother leaving us marketing materials"... they keep coming back.

Just today, they waltzed in and interrupted something I was working on. They even acknowledged that they were here before and I abruptly cut them off and said we still aren't interested and no you can't leave us with materials because.. I don't know... WE AREN'T INTERESTED lol.

They proceded to leave marketing materials on the way out the door on our table, as if to give us a big middle finger.

What is the best way to deal with pesky people like this? I'm sure it's not an easy job and that they are required follow up visits... but this is getting to a ridiculous level. We are a professionl firm and shoudl not have cold marketrs thinking they can behave this way.


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  • Please refer to the letter below. I would fly this by your manager before sending, just to cover your bases. The copy to your attorney lets them know you consider this a serious matter and you are prepared to take action if your directive is not heeded.

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    Your sales people have repeatedly solicited our office, consistently leaving duplicate materials. We are presently with a very capable vendor and are not considering a change or accepting bids at this time.

    Please understand that we wish to maintain a collegial relationship with W. B Mason and its sales people but these unscheduled visits have become disruptive to our staff and operations. Please desist from making sales calls without an appointment to our main office or satellite locations.

    We will contact you when we decide to entertain options for new service providers. We sincerely hope this letter will clarify our position and keep the way open for future negotiations when they are appropriate.


    [Your Name]

    cc: [Your Company Attorney’s Name]


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  • since you have to display some professionalism, continue telling them no when they come back but add a little something, like security scuffing them up on the way out lol.

  • personally i just ignore them!

  • Do you have a security officer?

    • Unfortunately, we do not. We are a pretty small office but the building where we (and other small businesses) rent office space from won't allow us to hang "No Soliciting" signs. We just get random people busting through the door all he time trying to sell us things. I understand it's their job, but when you have to repeatedly tell the same people "No thank you"... it's frustrating.

    • Possibly ask him for the contact information of his supervisor and tell that person your company is not interested in W. B. Mason products and to please take you off the list of leads or possible clients. You will contact them if you become interested.

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  • Put a no w W B Mason solicitors sign in your window? It's pretty rude that they won't leave you alone.