Does she really love me?

Hi! I am new to gag. I am 16 and my name is Marie. Last week we were in the showers, i am in gymnastic, and our instructor was teaching us how to shower properly. i was doing it wrong so she told me to come after school to teach me. Long story short, we had sex. She was telling me how beautiful my body was I really liked it. Most people think I am chubby and ugly. She wants to continue our relationship telling me I can live with her and that she loves me. Weve done it like 6 times since then, but does she really love me? I dont want to be used. Usually its only male teachers.

**she is 46


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  • you happy being in a gay relationship?

    • wit her yes. but she is 46

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    • beauty is in the eye of the beholder... sure you could get someone else with effort. no one should blackmail your emotions

    • i will try

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  • Based only on these informations it's really hard to say if she loves you or not. Watch her, her actions towards you and other girls, see if have reasons to suspect that she doesn't love you. If there are no reasons to doubt it, then it's likely that she loves you, I don't think a person can fake love for a long time.

    • i caught her with another of my girl classmates but she said she was getting her for me

    • hm, keep watching them. I'm not saying she was lying, but we can't be sure if she was telling the truth.

    • thanks

  • not at all... y u should b ugly? maybe she's findin u attractive!


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