Should I get a snap chat? How does it even work?

I am a young adult (Not 28), and I only have facebook. It seems like most of the kids these days use snap chat, and I am considering getting one. Honestly, I am not active very active with all that social media and I just recently got a phone a few months ago. So I was curious, how does snap chat work? And also, is it only for those who use a bunch of social media? You know, those kids who have tons of followers on twitter and Instagram. Those popular kids. (not to say I'm not popular I just don't use social media much.) So yeah, I was just curious. Also, my name is logan, what should my username be?
*Also, do you send photos to a select few or everyone? Like, how well do you need to know/talk to someone for it to be acceptable to send them a snap?


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  • dont even bother getting one.


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