Did he know what I was trying to do? And avoid me?

So I came online just to see what this guy’s response would be, (I have him blocked on my list).
He went offline after a few minutes and usually he’s online for hours


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  • So, you blocked him to see his response and he went offline afterwards? Do they usually appear online after being blocked? Maybe you upset him and he's appearing offline. Or maybe their status is only visible to friends? I've also done this before. I was simply curious to see his reaction and he got upset and wouldn't talk to me afterwards. :(

    • On Skype... had him blocked for sometime and coudl see his status he'd be online for hours.

      Unblocked him after a year or two to see his reaction, he went offline when he saw me.

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    • lol.

      I was still offended. I reacted by deleting him.

    • You're offended? I think HE has every right to be offended because of you're curiosity. Lol Oh, well. That's in the past now. :P haha

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