What should I do about this sex?

So long story short me and my ex dated 8 years, broke up for 8 months and maybe a month ago we had sex, only because i asked him if he had sex with anyone else inbetween, and he said no several times !!,

then i found out for sure he had sex with someone inbetween, and lied staight to my face and now im worried, and im so mad about the lies. :(


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  • If you love him you have to forgive him. Which sucks. But I'd sure confront him about it. If it's too much for you, leave him. But you gotta pick all or nothing. Forgive or leave

    • thanks im actually madder about the fact that he lied over and over again,

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    • Haha okay thanks. And good luck with everything. My only recommendation is that revenge is not a good idea. Like, don't cheat on him. If would only make things worse

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • I wouldn't trust him enough to be with him if I were you.

    • thank you ! i think he is shit lol

    • If he lies to you about something like this, imagine what he would do in the long run...