Who is your favorite Disney Princess/prince or Character in general?

Fave princess/queen is Elsa and Ariel. Fave characters are: Olaf, Sulley, Mater, Pascal, Robin Hood, and Goofy


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  • Prince: Shang (Mulan) I don't think he's a prince, but he's a male love interest
    Princess: Mulan, again I don't think she's a princess (in the hereditary monarch sense), but she kicks ass. Is she an official Disney princess?
    Villain: Maleficent, I mean, she turns into a dragon, and I thought that raven familiar was pretty cool.
    Goofy sidekick: Genie, far and away the best
    Best live action hero: Ms. Eglantine Price of Bedknobs and Broomsticks.
    Scariest villain: The Horned King from Disney's little known Black Cauldron
    Dumbest Princess: Aerial, I mean good God, give up your fuckin' voice for a guy you don't even know?
    Dumbest Prince: the one from Cinderella. He doesn't seem to do much except stand there and look aloof and handsome.

    By the way, Pocahontas is a close second for best princess if anything for her sarcastic line, "I like his smile," referring to Kocoum. However, she was the only good thing about that movie. The rest of it sucked.

  • My top three favorite Disney princesses are Belle, Mulan, and Aurora.
    My top three favorite princes are The Beast, Eugene Fitzherbert, (aka Flynn Rider) and Prince Charming.
    Top three Disney characters are
    -Mary Poppins

    My aunt just LOVES Mickey Mouse.

  • Nani pelekai (Lilo stitch)