Barn Cat to House Cat Transition?

Not a normal question, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

We have a barn cat who is very friendly. We are unsure of this cat's gender but belive it is spayed/nutered due to the lack of visible male anatomy and the lack of kittens.

This cat is very friendly. It climbs you, licks you, rubs on you, asks for belly rubs, purs, will sit in your lap, and despite having all four claws, doesn't claw you.

I am just curious if you think this cat could make the transition to being an indoor/outdoor housecat or if you think that its place is in the barn.

This cat was a stray that started living in the barn a few years ago. We do feed it dry cat food, and in addition, it hunts mice. We do not take it to the vet (because it's a barn cat) but we do administer yearly flea and tick medication to it.

Anyway, in general... what are your thoughts?

Also, the house it'd move to is on the other side of the barn pasture area. It would still have access to the outdoors and its old haunts while in addition having a more secure form of shelter as opposed to the unheated barn.


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  • It is better when younger, ask your vet for this age- I assume it is an adult.


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  • If you wanted to move her/him into the house move its food closer and closer to the house until you've started feeding her inside, it'll encourage her to spend more time inside. if she's that friendly it probably won't be too difficult.


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  • try feeding it wet canned food or better yet cooked meat.
    ITs much healthier for them. they can get sick fast.


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