Weird, or is this Normal?

So me and my friend were recently talking about things that just drive us crazy or freak us out. And I realized that most people have the same problem. Whenever I scratch something against another object I get chills and just drop it and freak out. But when someone else does it it doesn't effect me that much. For example: Scratching a Knife on a Door.. I would drop the knife and cover my ears. And start panicking.. Then like 5 minutes later do it again.


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  • WTF! Who repeatedly scratches a knife on a door? This is weird. Sorry :-(

  • Yes, this happens to me too. I'm actually bothered by lots of things that doesn't bother other people. Like when I'm walking, I avoid stepping in between tiles. It bothers me when my foot is not close to the center of the tile.

    I find this weird because I'm 18

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