How badly do braces hurt?

Does it hurt when they are getting fitted?
when does the pain begin, if not when getting fitted?
how long does the pain last?
what can I do to prepare for the pain?

Im getting my braces fitted in three days time.
My teeth aren't very bad tbh but I just regretted not getting them when I was younger. Thanks!
MHO obviously for the most helpful.


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  • I had removable braces, then regular braces and then removable braces again.
    Removable braces were really annoying since it was hard to speak and everytime I eat/drink I had to take them off.

    But regular braces were better! When I first got them it didn't really hurt, but it felt like a foreign body and I had the felling that my teeth were kind of wobbly. I got used to it in like 1 week and I didn't have any problems. They told me not to chew gum but I did it anyways and nothing has happened :p

    When they removed the braces it didn't hurt at all :) Good luck!


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  • Hey I had braces a while had them tightened etc also. Basically when they put it on its tight an yes but painful. Eating is annoying an not enjoyable getting food stuck. Then tightening bloody kills an makes mouth throb. An sometimes they use elastic bands an it feels weird an hard to clean good out mouth then. Got use to pain an then wasn't that bad to be honest. Are u heading to orthodontist soon then? It's worth it in the end teeth are a lot straighter an smile better to just make sure you were retainer after you have straightened teeth enough. My mistake was not going back for mine. good luck πŸ˜€

  • They hurt when you get them tightened. I hated that shit. I hated having braces period. The only cool thing was the colored rubber bands.

  • It doesn't hurt at all, it aches a little bit sometimes but it's not bad


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  • Who told you that getting braces hurt? There's absolutely no pain. I completed exactly 2 years with my braces 2 days ago. Yeah it's irritating sometimes and itches a bit. But there's absolutely no pain.

    • A lot of people actually. O. O

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    • 25 in 17 minutes πŸ˜™
      Well you said 'absulotley no pain' to say that is incorrect.

    • sorry.. my bad. but it is really negligible. weaker than an ant bite. if you can't tolerate an ant bite, then I don't know how you live in this world.