Facebook "other" message folder. Why, Mark, oh why?

I need to message a couple of people who aren't on my friend's list, on Facebook, but these messages go to the "other" folder. Is there any way I can contact these people without friending them?

When we click on the message button on FB, it says INBOX, and right next to it, it says OTHER. When you message someone that doesn't belong in your friend's list, that message goes to the folder "OTHER" and you don't get a notification.

That's my problem: I send the message, it goes to the folder "OTHER" and the person never gets notified that I sent it. My question is, is there a way to turn this around somehow?


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  • u don't have 2 friend someone 2 send some message... no?

    • No, I can send them a message. But the problem is: since we're not friends, it goes to the "other" folder, so the person doesn't get any notification that I sent a message. Which means, she will only see it if she goes looking for it; but since she isn't expecting it, she won't.

    • thanks... :)

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  • it makes no sense.

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