What qualities do you chose when you chose a rolemodel?

what qualities do you chose when you chose a rolemodel?

if you can think of someone , give an example :)

  • looks
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  • fame
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  • intelligence
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  • person who betters society
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  • courage
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  • strength
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What Girls Said 3

  • Intelligence and inner strength.
    I haven't found one yet. xD

  • I normally go with intelligence

  • courage for me.


What Guys Said 2

  • The courage to speak out against wrong things. Fuck your fame, your IQ, your looks, and how strong you are. If you can watch a kid get hit by an adult, for example, and not have the courage to beat the shit out of said adult, you ain't nothing but a bitch and waste of air to me.

    • sorry. I gotta say, a lot of my friends should have gotten their asses beat as an kid. So freakin aggressive and they talk back to everyone, especially professorrs and police

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    • 1 year only I'd say at least 5. abusive parents are just one step from becoming cereal killers

    • Serial*

      I say one year per bruise. Fuck 5 years, a kid can be beaten for ten and that might not equal the emotional damage they have to deal with for the rest of their lives due to an abusive parent.

  • I picked style which is none of your options...