I don't know if I should be this stressed over school, am I overthinking things?

I start school in a couple months and have been very focused on learning how to study science courses effectively. I work a full time job and am taking prereqs to apply for dental school. My issue is that i always hear that one should put 6-9 hours per credit in a week for a science course outside of lecture. Lately, even though i am not in school yet, i have been studying daily anywhere from 1-2 hours on chemistry alone averaging about 12 or more hours per week on top of my job. I took this course before and got a C because i only studied maybe once or so per week, so i am trying to teach myself how to focus. This has been stressing me out beyond belief because i read the chapter and still miss some questions at the end, frustrating me even more even though i can grasp overall concepts. I really want to learn how to apply myself to these types of courses but have been unsure as to if im overthinking this too much or not studying enough after work. Am i going about this the right way or am i doing too little?

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  • Don't overthink it. I'm an engineering major and have many science/math courses I had to take. You maybe need to study 2-3 hours per course per week. The way this work is reading the chapter before lecture, then going to lecture and PAYING ATTENTION & taking good notes, then re-reading your notes after the lecture is over. If you want to be sure, re-read the chapter again, but I never had to do this and I got A's and B's easy. When studying for an exam, re-reading the whole chapters will take too long and make you stressed. Just read the main points, look at the examples, and look at the pictures. Read your notes mostly. Remember, when reading and studying, pause for 5-10 min every half hour you study. Otherwise you'll get your brain and be worse off. Pulling all nighters is the STUPIDEST thing you can do to prepare.

    The main point is to take little bites of science classes and really chew on them so you can learn the full flavor. Inch by inch chemistry is a sinch, yard by yard it's hard.

    • I like that. Right now im practicing some problems and missed one of the "cumulative problems" at the end of the regular end chapter problems. Its just so frustrating man i feel like im just stupid in math or something like i freak out when i see word problems or have to think critically. Before, i just tried to memorize the problems, now im teaching myself to UNDERSTAND the concepts but i feel like my issue is applying the concepts to problems.

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    • There's a limit and law of diminishing returns on studying. It also is bad for your well being of you just study/work/study/work. You only need about an hour every single day for chemistry or 2-3 hours every couple of days for Chem. Too much will fry your brain.

    • Also, how did you take what concepts you learned in-text and apply them to problems and do well?

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  • I think you have to relax. It sounds like you are already doing a good job. Don't put more pressure on you.

    • I put so much on myself because i really want this, my issue is that i dont know how to not stress about it

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  • you wuill be fine

  • Talk to other people and find out HOW they study, not how much time they spend on it. Try different study techniques until you find a strategy that works for you.

    It doesn't matter if the person is doing well in class, just that they actually study. Your goal is to get information on study methods you haven't thought of and see if they work for YOU.