I need help! Can you write a paragraph saying I love you but in a friendly way?

I need a paragraph to tell to my friend (he is a guy) I want it to say "I love you" in it, but I want it to be friendly and kind, maybe a little hint of romance but nothing to showy. I want to keep it friendly. I need help I've tried loads and loads!


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  • What I Love About You

    The sparkle in your eye,
    The warmth of your skin.
    Your breath on my neck,
    That shakes me within.
    The touch of your hand,
    The smell of your hair.
    The naughtiness in your smile,
    That strength in your stare.
    Your kiss on my lips,
    Your body near mine.
    The stroke of your touch,
    That feeling inside.

    The Compassion in your embrace.
    The power in your face.
    The beating of your heart.
    That we may never part
    The beauty of your kiss,
    and that magic in your touch.
    It is for all these reasons and more,
    Why I love you so much...


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  • I'd rather you write something and send it across. We can proof it and send it back to you so that it actually is something that you have written but modified & explained out by us to you as to which are the positives and pitfalls :)

  • Hey __(Guys name)___ I love your ____ (prefferbly personality traits like sence of humour) ____, and I just want you to know you're an awesome best friend I love you

  • oh hell no you think I can write that stuff lol


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