If whenever you're walking you sort of lean closer to a guy when you see something you're scared of?

Like birds.

He never prevented me from doing that.

I didn't like him though I was just comfortable around him.

And scared.

Do a lot of girls do tha without realizing it?
Is this true? That a guy will read way too much into it?


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  • I'm sorry, are you actually asking a question, or are you just telling us about something you recently did?

    Like, are you asking if it's NORMAL to do that?

    • Oh.

      I should've been more precise. Yeah is it normal to do that? Or would a guy read too much into it.

    • @Asker

      Honestly that is something a guy could read quite a lot into, even if you were just doing it instinctively.

      I don't really mean to insult the intelligence of other men OR women for that matter, but you need to realise that for a lot of guys subtle stuff like that can mean a lot more in the mind. I'm sure for plenty of guys that isn't the case, but from what I've typically encountered? It's best to try and be a little more reserved. Unfortunately I think a lot of men are somewhat browbeaten into thinking the only time a woman gets close means she's interested, because I don't think too many guys are really used to general, completely mutual comfort with girls.

      But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you genuinely didn't think it'd send signals.

    • Um... signals lol for being a little closer to a person just because something scary is in front of you? Are you serious?

      There could be a mad-hatter standing there and I'd do the same. There could be an 80-year old cat lady and I'd do the same.

      I'm just really comfortable around guys.

      It's the girls I never like and vice versa. They're evil.

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  • What is your question exactly?

    • If a lot of girls do that.

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