What is JADE HELM 15?


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  • For what I've just read online, it's a military training on some US states, aimed to train troops in unfamiliar terrain.
    The problem is that some people started with all the conspiracies, some saying that it's a tactic to make people become familiar with seeing military troops around the city, so they don't realize when an invasion is happening.
    I think this theory is bullshit/=.

    • That seems kind of stupid. I don't think it's true. Sounds like some people got bored and had nothing else to do.

    • sonsoflibertymedia.com/.../

      Read Chuck's analysis here. Even if they aren't actively currently plotting to attack citizenry, being prepared to do so is itself a violation of their purpose. And so Jade Helm is wrong in principle. We used to have the WWII generation with us to set us straight on this stuff. Most of them are dead now, so today's kids are once again deceived by fascism and its lures.

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  • Sons of Liberty has been covering it very thoroughly. It's a job to prepare the military for a very specific set of martial law protocols, should martial law be declared for whatever reason.

    The reason that conspiracy "theories" exist is because of

    1) some of FEMA's strange behavior coinciding,
    2) why did the state of Georgia buy all those guillotines?,
    3) why are generals critical of Obama fired when they address issues of him blatantly violating military protocol and the Constitution?
    4) illegal raids on homes of veterans critical of Obama (including over Facebook posts that do not meet Secret Service criteria for a raid)
    5) 15,000 troops issued pink slips and replaced with foreign invaders (which is blatantly illegal)
    6) Benefits packages being stolen from generals and their wives and given to gay "couples" the *very minute* they get recruited to the military.
    7) response to the rise of rape in the navy being met with calls for confabs that only encourage more rape-like behavior.
    8) prior training exercises with blatantly racist criteria (only whites can be targets)
    9) Blatant false flag ops during those pool parties,
    10) anything I may have missed.

    It doesn't take long to smell a pattern that reeks.

  • Don't even get me started on Jade Helm.

    This should make you more familiar with it:


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  • never heard of it.

  • I have no clue. What are you talking about?

    • I saw something about it on instagram then looked it up and it said something about military training.

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