When it comes to driving do you believe in the stereotype "women can't drive" and do you think you're a good driver?

When it comes to driving do you believe in the stereotype "woman can't drive"? I think in certain parts of the world women can drive better than other parts. Although not ALL but some need to pay more attention, that is all i will say. I'm not wanting to start drama or anything but if you're a girl how would you rate your driving? about you guys? I think i'am a good driver. I love to drive fast but safe at the same time (no music and windows up). How about you?

When it comes to driving do you believe in the stereotype

Most of it true lol

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  • I consider myself a pretty decent driver, although I do not think that I am flawless or void of making mistakes. I have seen horrible drivers of both genders, as well as great drivers of both genders. Driving is basically common sense, so it all boils down to how much of that the driver has.

    • yeah that is true. My bestfriend is maybe the worst driver i know lmfao. He got into 3 accidents in the summer lol. I had to teach him some tricks lol.

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    • That's good! So many people don't really think before they do things, and I've had friends get badly hurt in accidents because of that. It's good to see that you are more careful!

    • oh of course i'am, there is always a time to speed, but that time is where you are the only one on the road

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  • "Other".

    Once upon a time, I read something about males having a bit more 3D spatial sense than females, like a gender related genetics aptitude. They said it was due to caveman hunting specialization. Maybe it has something to do with the "myth" of not so good female drivers.

    Empirically, I've seen both male and female terrible drivers, but bigger accidents were more related to males and little traffic headaches to women.

    Myth busted? :D

  • Depends how we define "good driver". Some people see women as annoying and flaky behind the wheel. But it's a statistical fact that men cause most car accidents, and I wouldn't call that 'good driving'.

  • I think women have a 20% less eye sight range that is why they usually slow down or take longer at crossing an intersection. However they hear higher pitch sounds than men.

  • Nah, just people in BMW's