My best friend had a fight with her boyfriend?

Ok so, theyre dating for one month, and this guy (my best friends boyfriend) keeps hanging out with other girls. So her boyfriends friend messaged my best friend on Facebook saying "stop treating him like shit, God you are awful lucky to have him" and my best friend did nothing to him? My best friend tells me everything, I feel like I'm in the situation I was literally in the middle of it. Tbh I don't want to be in this, I don't wanna pick sides. I'm not that kind of person. I had to communicate for them because they couldn't do it to eachother's faces. I mean, I'm not an animal, I'm not wanting to be in the middle.. But it happens all the time. What should I do? :/

I don't want my best friend thinking that I'm not here for them, but I can't deal with being the one in the middle anymore. I'll listen to her problems, and give her advices, but I can't keep doing the talk for her, she has to do it face to face.


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  • What should you do? Stay out of it.
    Don’t willingly become apart of their tangled mess. Leave the complex drama for them to process and navigate through. This is one of those situations where you have to either be upfront or continue to be in an uncomfortable position. You have to directly say “Look, you know I have your back and I’ll always be here to listen or when you need a shoulder to cry on but I’d really appreciate it if you wouldn’t put me in the middle of this drama. I’m not getting involved. You have to handle these things on your own.”
    And that is precisely what she needs to be doing as a grown as woman: she needs to be handling her business on her own without getting her friends too involved. Just saying.


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  • Just tell them that you don't want to pick sides! I have gone through this a lot...

  • Your best friend's boyfriend.. are you friends with him as well?

    • Well her boyfriend is very rude. But today he bought her gifts and shit

    • That doesn't change his jerk behaviour. But you still haven't answered my question. Are you also a friend of your friend's boyfriend? If yes, stay out of it and let it stay between them
      If no, you support and advice your best friend on what to do. That's what best friend's do.

    • I know, but I don't want my best friend thinking that in not here for them, but I can't deal with being the one in the middle anymore.. I'll listen to her problems, and give her advice, but I can't keep doing for her, she had to do it face to face.

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  • Stay out of it as much as possible but when you don't have a choice always have your friend's back first and foremost.

  • Mind your own business. I hate people who butts in other persons relationships. She is your friend, not sister, mother or something.