Could anyone who has read The Merchant of Venice or To Kill a Mockingbird please help me? I need examples! I need fast answers?

I have an essay due tonight
I can't hink of three examples for this
1) how Bassanio is simply tolerated by society
2) how Bassanio isn't someone who discriminates
And three has to do with to kill a mockingbird
3) how the Cunninghams aren't ones to discriminate

Kind of in a desperate situation any help is much appreciated


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  • I know them well but I won't answer. Next time, do your reading.

    • I did do my reading. It is just that I couldn't think of examples that are very specific. I get 80% and up in my academic classes because I work. I ended up thinking of examples after about two hours, thanks.

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  • I read them too long ago.
    I'll re-read them tomorrow if you want...

    • It is okay, I need to send it in before 11:59 tonight so I am good. Thank you so much for the offer though!

  • Your homework?

    • I've been doing it all week but I still can't find three points. Its a comparative essay due tonight and it is worth 5% of my grade