Mechanics: why was the car going 8000 rpm at 120 mph?

both gages where all the way up.


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  • any further details about it then?

  • Try changing up to overdrive. - lol
    The gear ratio is clearly wrong.

    • I don't have overdrive.

  • Cause the cars have a rev limiter. It does that to make you slow down! If you don't know that, don't drive the car like maniac!

  • Depends on size of engine 8cylinder 6 etc.

    • the Subaru's is a 4cylinder the Toyota goes 10000 rpm at 200 mph. I tried it.

    • Subaru prob ain't built like that

    • I can't think of a Toyota that can safely rev to 10 grand. Are you sure you're not talks about a honda S2000 or perhaps a Mazda rotary engine?

  • What the red-line of your car

    • I don't know. what is red line?

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    • my red line in the Subaru is 6000 the Toyota is 7000

    • From your other comment your will Toyota go 200mph at 10000 rpm I will assume that is the Subaru your talking about. Subaru is a rally racing brand. Rally cars are known to have short gearing as short gearing improves acceleration at the cost of higher top speeds. Rally races are all about acceleration as there is rarely enough distance in a rally race to reach top speed before a corner. If you want a higher top speed get longer gearing , but be warned that long gearing lowers your acceleration. With longer gearing your rpms are lower as you maybe would be doing 120 and 6000 rpm and will get better fuel economy. With shorter gears you probably be at 9300 rpm at 120. This will make your fuel economy worse. I wouldn't do that at you would probably over rev you engine to death. Only well tuned engines can deal with the strain of very short gearing.