What would you do in this situation?

Back story before I get into the main stuff. I have a best friend who lives in Louisiana, and he's currently in Rome right now. I've liked this guy for a while (I live in a different state than he does). He is going to be a sophomore this next year.

I have another friend who goes to my school and is going to be a senior this next year. This past year, I would tell her all about this one guy who i used to like at my school, and she knew just how much I liked him (I don't really like him anymore; I've lost hope and plus the guy in Louisiana and the guy at my school are different people). Prom was coming up and she waited till THE WEEK OF to ask someone regardless of the fact that it's "guys ask girls." She told me "My mom keeps telling me that I should ask this person (my "crush")." I politely told her that she should decide for herself who she should ask for prom instead of having others decide for her. A few days later, she played "Ms. Stealyourboy" and asked him to prom with a sign and everything and I actually think it was the day before prom too so I thought that he would say no but he sadly said yes.

I have also told "Ms. Stealyourboy" about this guy in Louisiana and how much I like him, and surprisingly, she's in Rome too. She's never met him face-to-face, and she's never talked to him either, but I have this horrible feeling in my gut that she's going to run into him and might say "Oh, Anna's told me all about you!" and then try to make him fall head over heels for her.

I'm tempted to talk to my best friend from Louisiana and say "This is what she looks like. Avoid her at all costs in case you and her are at the same place or something. Don't talk to her. Ignore her as much as you can, and pretend like you don't know me if she mentions me" but I feel like that would be rude.

What would you do if you were in this situation because I currently have no idea what to do and I'm sufferring from jealousy.


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  • turn a blind eye to it and avoid the drama


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  • Don't do that. That will make you look crazy. On the odd chance that they do meet he will hopefully tell her to back off or he is not worth it.


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  • Okay, they're both in Rome... Rome is a very large city, the possibility of them actually running into each other is incredibly small. I highly doubt that will happen. You're probably just paranoid and that's alright. No need to stress, when they both get back ask them how their trip was and act as if you didn't worry at all. Also I would advise that you don't talk to her about any other guys you may have intrest in.