How to fix really low self esteem?

Girls find me really attractive, they say i'm handsome and girls i know or strangers i see at work or formerly at college look at me, some staring, some looking away quickly, some smile and this happens with a lot of girls, and with the same girls repeadtely. I've walked past groups of girls and they have pointed at me, and i've heard them saying i'm really hot. In class at college a group of girls used to always try and sit near me and i would hear them argue as to who would sit where so they could see me. Very beautiful girls have come up to me and started chatting and they've acted very shy, and even on nights out gay guys have come up to me.

All this sounds great but as soon as I catch my reflection or something I just immediately lose all that confidence and I think i'm really unattractive I just see my nose which I think is really big or my eyes which i think look really sunken. I hate having my photo taken for similair reasons.

It's almost crippling, all these girls I could go up to or that do come up to me and i just get really self conscious and can't speak to them. They then believe i'm not interested.

I literally don't know how to make it stop, i try to think about all the girls that have complimented me, or looked at me, and think 'no i must be good looking' but it just doesn't work. The next day i'll see some other beautiful girl at work or somewhere constantly looking at me and I'll think 'oh god why is she looking at me'

Can this ever be fixed, i'm 22 and not had a long relationship cos i'm just too self conscious.


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  • Speak with a psychologist. That does not mean that you are crazy. It means that a psychologist can help you to work out what is going on inside your head.


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  • Maybe stop worrying about your looks so much. You might be surprised to hear that even ugly guys can score with a confident approach. Good luck.

  • Workout it helped me so much

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