What are those anti-g7 protests held in germany right now?

Whats anti-g7? What are they protesting for? Why were there balloons of obama and clinton and stuff? Whats the purpose?


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  • Protesters are idiots. A protest is a spectacle. It's not a rational argument. It's an argument from intimidation on a large scale.

    • Shut up

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    • Protestors are people who actually want a positive change and are strong-willed enough to riot for the exact aim, and I think you're the type of chicken-person who sits quietly and let the government take control because you're too weak to demand your right, OR you could just be a really privileged white man who have it all figured out and don't need any protests, I believe you lean more towards the second option that's why you need to sit down and shut up, don't dictate to people what they should or not do when you're not even slightly concerned or influenced by it.

    • Well, congratulations on your racism, your sexism, your advocacy of violence, and your inability to engage in actual argument!

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  • I don't know about the latest protests, but in the past there have been protests at G7 meetings to point out the lack of action on global environmental issues, or the failure to address economic inequality.

  • Go to infowars. com listen to Alex Jones and all your questions well be answered.

    • I know alex jones lol but this doesn't answer my questions

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