Im so scare and tired from my 6th sense?

i really don't know how to stop it , dreams always come true even bad ones , expecting things in the future it happen later , i can feel who cheating behind me i can see where r they , i can even touch thier hearts from the first moment if they truly love or not.. im really tired , in the first i said to myself all this isn't real but its real i can't deny it , is there anyway to live life normal i don't want to see any future or anything about anyone how can i stop it?


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  • If you are not joking, it seems you have strong empathy skills.
    About bad things coming true, it seems some "world workings" work this way. When you think about them intentionally or not, they are pulled to you, attracted like to a magnet.

    I can suggest to try to look at things more neutral, so you'll discharge this attraction:
    * yes, it can happen, but it's also possible it won't. It's okay either way, be it for good or bad;
    * similar to people. They want to be like this? Let them be, for their own good or bad.

    So, in general you can try to be more indifferent. If it must happen - it will, if not - then it doesn't.

    • thank u but i must let u know really i never pull think of bad things im loving everyone and i wish all the good for everyone but example.. i expected and i saw my break up with my ex before it happen 6 months last time we met i was dreaming we get marry but i wished what i saw never happen but it happen and happen by unbelievable way.. suddenly she cut off without any reason such as i was living in dreams and she wasn't real... another thing when im angry someone so much i dont hurt them or talk to them but always who do bad to me later i hear about them like they died or became crazy or make accident really hurts or lost all thier money... believe me im not doing anything and i have no knowledge about aby magics i just dont know what kind of power is this and why me? why there is no medicine or anyway to take it out?

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    • thank u so much for ur effective response seems like someone really care with good soul i thank u again and respect ur answer.

    • Thank you for your kind words and I wish you love and joy on your life road.

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  • Ah the dejavu dreams... Perfectly normal but it isn't common though.
    Really, if you have that gift you can make your predictions 100% false by changing them up a bit.

  • I guess you're just doomed as a prisoner chained by love

    • i know but problem is i am a free prisoner.. can live normal like u but those things following me everywhere even in my dreams.

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    • sometimes u have to keep ur pain inside of u and just walk with it better than listening to people accusing u that u are crazy or abnormal or to see them scare from u... and they never know the one they accuses him he love them and he accept what they say with big heart not by anger... just by forgiving cuz there's nothing else left to say.. thank u anyway bro.

    • My pleasure

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