Any advice on what I should do?

Since I was little I have loved sports. I grew up with them as a way of life. They are the reason I wanted to go to college and get a BA in Atheltic Training then a Masters in Physical Therapy. They are a perfect mix of sports and helping people heal and get better. I actually started to attend college for athletic training and got accepted into the program. The semester before I was supposed to start I got in a accident that caused brain damage. For the most part people dont realize I have damage. But my ability to process information ( like people talking and me actually understanding) and my speech ( like my brain is working faster then it can transmit to my mouth to speak clearly) is effected. Most people think I am just being dumb and not smart at all.

The accident happened a few years ago now. I ended up leaving college for a few years because I was constantly frusterated with my brain and why it wouldn't do what I needed. So after a break from college I decided to go to a tech school for auto body instead. Which i like, but now that I have graduated with my AAS. I am almost regretting giving up on my dream. I am having all these thoughts in my head if I should go back to college for what I really want, but I don't even know if I will be able to pass some classes because it takes me longer to learn and remember things. then I think about the fact that I would be 31/32 by the time I graduated if everything went smoothly. Is that too old to consider a degree change? Should I just stick with auto body? Is it worth putting myself even farther into debt?


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  • I would try it at nite, do it at ur own pace, and see if it is something managable. There are very few good online schools so pick wisely. Ohio state has on of the best though


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