Good books to read?

I am looking for more books to read since I don't have classes this summer. I am not looking for a specic genre of books so list ones that you all like. Also, put what it's about if you could. I'd appreciate it.


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  • The Witcher saga. They're the only books I've read that I've truly enjoyed.
    I read them years ago so I don't remember very well what they're about, I just know that the main character is a Witcher, and he takes contracts from people to kill monsters like Griffins, Fiends, Drowners... and other monsters.
    It's set in a Medieval time, but in a made up world.
    I loved the books cause the stories were mature and it gave great details. They have made video games about the books and they're making a movie, so it's not just me who thinks they're pretty good. Here's if you want to know more.

    • I've never heard of them but they sound like something I'd like. Thank you for your response.

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    • Thanks for the MHO! I hope you enjoy reading them (if you end up choosing them) :)

    • Awsome and I would recommend building a pc to play I bought all 3 games for 40$

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  • The Great Gatsby. I'm considering reading it myself this very night. Have been forsaking recreational reading for far too long.

    • I've already read it but maybe I should go back and read it again. It's a really good book. Thank you for your response :)

  • Anything buy gillian Flynn.

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