Do you find it ironic that you are most likely to hear misoginistic and misandric sentiments from straight men and straight women but?

hardly ever from gays and lesbians?

I often hear how men have this very big misconsception of Lesbians being "man-haters". If anything, as a straight man, I've actually got along with Lesbians more than any other sexual orientation and gender groups and dealt with more anti-male sentiments from straight women. Lesbians have no problem with men in general. They only have a problem with bigots, idiots and a few men who couldn't respect their sexual orientation.

I honestly think it's quite sad how based on my experience, straight men and straight women (even in relationships) don't get along so well while gays and lesbians do. Sometimes I feel that straight men and straight women only pretend to love each other in relationships for the sake of reproduction and society.

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  • This is a new theory.


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  • I totally agree. This is also my experience. And same applies to bisexual men and women.

  • Let me guess, you just wanted to rant and none of this is true? Yeah, we thought so. I find that gays are more likely to lose it and scream 'gay hater' than straight people are to hate gays. Look at all the christians being attacked! I'm not a christian, but it makes me sick that the government (in America) is forcing people to serve gays. People in private business should be stay private.

    • "we thought so" We? That's only you.

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    • You seemed to be upset with the way she called you out. That is her personal opinion. I agree that most of what you said was anger talking.

      You shouldn't have to imply that she's an idiot to defend yourself. If there is is no truth to that statement, then defend yourself with honor.

      Also, now you have two people who think that it was a rant. So, the 'we' becomes proper.

    • How is making assumptions a personal opinion? I'm just pointing out that she's creating a mountain out of molehills with her "opinion" she gave me.

What Guys Said 2

  • Your premise is stupid.

  • sounds logical 2 me actually..