For all you selfie addicted people, you should watch Birdman?

for all you people who have a tragic obsession with selfie and posting on instagram, Birdman is a movie you really should watch, to understand why selfie is so tragic, if nothing else, just watch the scene with the following dialogue:

Riggan: I really wish I hadn't videotaped her birth.

Laura: Why?

Riggan: 'Cause... I missed the moment, really.

I don't have it.

I should have just been
there with the two of you.

You know... just
the three of us.

But I wasn't.

I wasn't even present in my own
life, and now I don't have it...

and I'm never going to have it.


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  • yeah i saw it.


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  • Aw man

    It is kind of true.

    You shouldn't capture the moment for later.

  • That's a great point!

  • So what is your actual question?

    • no question.
      just saying how these people are always taking selfies and taking photos of their food and taking photos of every insignificant moments of their lives, not realizing they are trading that for actually being alive in those moments.

      they have become spectator of their own lives, rather than being the person who live that life.

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  • a dad videotaping his childs birth isn't the same thing as a selfie.

    However, i agree. im sick of all the egomaniacs who are self obsessed. Im glad I dont have a phone that can access the internet as I dont want get the constant flood of photos of people documenting every second of their lives.

  • IT'S TRUE !

    People are so stupid with that technology. That's why I don't use cellphone that much like 10 minutes a week.