What is all this buzz about Lena Dunham?

I have recently started watching this serie Girls. I have like the 1st season. At least seemed enjoyable. But now it's just consists of a very repetitive plot. I actually dont see the series moving forward with it's storyline in any relevant attention grabbing way.
Fans of the series. Explain the reasons for your fascination with it. If the answer is female liberation, fine. I just dont see how some normal girls even relate to the character reperesented here. I feel like this show is all about Lena's character and even if i liked the character in the beginning, now it's just annoying and selfish and whiny.

Also, what makes Lena Dunham such a phemenon? I haven't read her book.
Also, is her character in the series in any way based on her?


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  • its not that great.


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  • It's the proverbial train wreck that you can't stop watching. She's a female Alfred Kinsey. A sexual psychopath who, due to double standards, is seen as being not as dangerous as her spear counterparts. Therefore, watching her be a sex predator and a narcissistic celebrity self-destructing on camera carries a certain bile fascination.

    Sarah Palin hit several media outlets right in the feels when she asked them how they can simultaneously praise all this Lena garbage, this bondage to sexual depravity, and call it "liberation," while at the same time trying to rip Josh Duggar to pieces over the exact same misbehavior. Even though Lena wants women to have unrestricted sexual access to little girls and thinks that's "liberating" and "wonderful," even if the child doesn't like it; while Josh admits he regrets everything he did to his sisters.

  • Being overweight, ugly, and a feminist makes her popular. And people think that she's brave for admitting that she sexually abused her own sister. And people think that she's brave that she survived rape, even though her rape story doesn't add up.


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  • She abused her little sister, that's the only reason she's still somewhat relevant in the media.
    And she's fat too. People are fat lovers now.

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