Any good anime recomendations?

What are some of your favorite animes that you would recomend? Can you list what website you watched it on if you happen to remeber. I know not everyone watches anime but I have started to enjoy it. The anime recomendation must not have sex (no henti). Nudity is okay but I would rather there not be any (I care mostly that there is no sex). Also, English subtitles of the anime are fine but I prefer English dubs if avalible. Any genre is welcome! One more thing please, can you post the genre of the anime next to the title. Thank You!


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  • I love anime yay!!! ok so I'll just be putting my absolute must watch animes cause the list my get too long >_slice of life and comedy
    2. Gekkan shoujo nozaki kun> shounen and comedy
    3. Gugure kokkuri san> comedy and shounen
    4. Kamisama hajimemashita> shoujo
    5. free! iwatobi swim club> sports, slice of life and comedy
    6. Ao haru ride> shoujo
    7. Tokyo ghoul> shounen, horror
    8. Tamako market> slice of life and comedy
    by the way I didn't add the really famous and cliche ones like Ohshc and maid sama... hehe
    I love comedy and shoujo animes!!! and I don't like hentai either so my recommendations are pretty safe! and they are in no particular order (cause these are all I can remember at the moment, at least the ones I enjoyed a lot)

    • sorry, the first part came out weird for some reason? 1> Barakamon> comedy and slice of life
      I watched most of them on chia-anime

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  • I'm generally a fan of anime that is very dramatic and keeps comic relief to a minimum. I also have a membership to crunchyroll. com which is where I watch most of my anime. My current favorites are as follows:

    Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (currently simulcast on crunchyroll and hulu. Hulu is a week behind.) It is a fantasy anime that takes place in the modern world about mages living among us who are fighting amongst each other for the holy grail.

    Fate Zero. It is a prequel to the one mentioned above that tells about everything that happened ten years prior to set the stage. Most people say it's better than the current one but the current one is not done

    Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Is a medieval fantasy type anime that takes itself more seriously than its title suggests. It's about a guy who wants to become a dungeon explorer but lacks any talent or power so a goddess who takes pity on him grants him a portion of his power so he can succeed at his wish. The only problem is the goddess does not know he is infatuated with another woman who serves a rival goddess.

    Blue Exorcist. Available on Netflix and crunchyroll. Modern fantasy about a boy who raised by a priest who finds out he is half demon. He wants revenge on the demon who is his real father for killing his adopted father so he becomes an exorcist but has to keep the secret of his powers hidden because he will become a target of his peers if they find out he is half demon

    Kuroko's Basketball. A really good sports anime about a high school basketball team. I'm not into sports anime but this is actually really good.

    Akame Ga Kill. Another fantasy anime about a boy swordsman who gets caught up in a rebellion against the empire. It's interesting because it has a touch of realism in that the people who serve the empire aren't all bad. A lot of the so called bad guys are good people just fighting on the other side of a war.

  • Anime is life XD
    okay so here are my top 15 reccomendations
    1. naruto-quite a long series but really inspirational and great characters, its my absolutly favrioute anime.
    2. Ourah hshc-incredibly funny and a hilarious plot.
    3. case closed-the seventh longest anime series (i think) isn't very modern but is intelligent and well made.
    4. Death note- This is like a must watch anime, it has great plot twists and AWESOME CHARACTERS.
    5. Shiki-probably the best vampire anime
    6. hetailia-short episodes but really funny.
    7. jigoku shoujo- darker storyline and beautiful art style.
    8. date a live- funny and kawaii characters :3
    9. love stage-shonen ai/gay.
    10. btoom!-video game reality
    11. accel world-also video game reality
    12. mirrai nikki-murder and stalkers and telling the future. it is kinda underated and has an amazing plot.
    13. mitdusodome-not much of a story line but is hilarious
    14. deadman wonderland-murder games and blood bending
    15. golden time-a girl who becomes obsessed with her child hood friend and follows him to college.

  • Shrek
    Corey in the House
    King of the Hill...

    .. Trolling aside:
    Cowboy Bebop
    Ping Pong: The Animation
    One PIece
    Soul Eater
    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
    Full Metal Alchemist

  • try attack on titan, one piece, fairy Tail,7 Deadly sins (all action)
    try Highschool Dxd (Ecchi), Nisekoi (Romance) and you should definitely watch Mirai Nikki (One of the best animes till now). Mirai Nikki comes under Romance, Mystery, Action, Psychological
    Yamada-kun and 7 witches (supernatural, romance)

  • MAR is REALLY good it is a little older like early 2000's i think there are a hundred something episodes the first eighty are dubbed but after that they stopped playing them in English so you woild have to watch the rest subbed sorry it is worth checking out!!! In characters personality the closest comparison i can make is to fairy tale can't think of a story to compare it to though. Check it out!!!


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  • Hi :-) I had this issue a while back, it's really hard to find animes without nudity and/or strong spiritual/violent themes but they can be so captivating ^_^ There's a really fantastic one called Kirarin Revolution > teen drama/comedy with some romance and an awesome cat thrown in. Enjoy!

  • Attack on Titan
    B Gata H Kai (romance type)

  • bokura ga ita

  • Sailor Moon-magical girl

  • I don't watch anime, I wouldn't know.

  • i like kite!