Batman vs Superman, Goku and THOR?

Batman has 1 day prep but is working in a very dark room with no lights

  • Batman
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  • Team of THOR, Supes and goku
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  • This is such a mismatch because of that you are now blocked.
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  • You hate Batman? You are now blocked.
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  • It's been said that Batman, if given proper time, could defeat any foe. This may be a bit challenging though... I'm sure he could fight them off and possibly win the battle, but he'd eventually lose the war. He would use their weaknesses to defeat them one by one, but eventually be beaten by their combined powers.
    And this is coming from a Batman fan

  • Batman would take care of them all ;)

  • Batsies always finds a way

  • lol batman vs all three. This is like 3 grown mal adults vs a intelligent 5 year old

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