What do you think of Black Israelites/ Black jews?

*This is a cult, not a religion

Basically this is a off-shot of nation of islam, and is black ex gang members who made their own prison religion up...

I get a bit of a chuckle and lol from this, but seriously these guys are deluded, angry and very hateful...
How come they don't get arrested, they preach hate, they sometimes attack civillians and get away with it.

I am really shocked, there's a video of police defending them, and arresting innocent people who spoke out against them
you gotta love their costumes tho


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  • That is a problem for the Jews to sort out for themselves. They might have to bring Solomon back from the grave to find a solution.
    Given that Jews are a race that has a religion, I do not see how negroes can ever be considered Jews.
    It would be more accurate to describe them as the descendants of negro converts to the Jewish religion.


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  • I thought the Nation Of Islam hated Jews? Anyway, deport them.

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